College Essay Outlines

College Essay Outlines
College Essay Outlines
It is not easy to write a good college essay without having an excellent outline in front of you. While many teachers do not requires outline writing, you should take into account that outline is a detailed plan of your college essay writing. Outline makes it much easier to develop your ideas, to find supporting information, and to create a logical essay. Therefore, you should devote a couple of minutes of your time to college essay outline writing.

In addition, you should take into account that there are different types of outlines. The detailed overview of the outline types is presented below.

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Different Types of College Essay Outlines
The Scratch Outline
This type of outline omits details and is suitable for shorter essays. It is also very handy when planning for essay exams. Basically, it is a list of the main ideas you plan to cover in the essay, written in the order that you intend to include them. Start the outline with your preliminary thesis and then write all your main points underneath it. For an example of a scratch outline, consult your textbook or click
The Informal Outline
Unlike the scratch outline, the informal outline contains some details that you will use to develop your main ideas. For an informal outline, again state your working thesis and then group similar ideas together. Your textbook has an excellent example of an informal outline.
The Outline Tree
Outline trees are a bit more complicate than informal or scratch outlines, but they can help writers by providing a visual schematic of how the ideas fit together. The student example in your textbook shows you how to structure an outline tree.
The Formal Outline
When you are writing a long, complex research paper, using a formal outline can be an immense help in providing a logical structure and making sure you include all the important points. The Purdue University Writing Center has a very detailed example outline

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