Child Abuse Essay

Child Abuse Essay
Child Abuse Essay
Child abuse is all about the victimization of children. Children can be abused by their parents due to neglect, violence or through sexual or economic exploitation. Perhaps the main reason for child abuse is due to the fact that children’s rights are neglected or defined in a nebulous way. According to old English Law a child had no rights and was essentially the property of his parents. It was believed that a child belonged with the parents even if they are drunk and violent.
Child Abuse Essay: Social Step-In

With the growth of the welfare state social workers are constantly being tipped off to rescue abused children. Any child abuse essay would be incomplete without touching on the work of social workers to rescue and rehabilitate an abused child. Some are not so lucky. A few months ago the media was .full of ghastly reports of an infant in England who was beaten up so badly by the mother and her boyfriend that the poor infant died of the injuries. And if this can happen in a ‘civilized’ country like the UK one shudders to think of what may be happening in third world countries.
Child Abuse Essay: Running Away

A child who suffers living in a dysfunctional family may try to run away from home and land from the frying pan, in to the fire. They can end up being sexually exploitated or become engaged in some other nefarious activity. Recently the award winning movie from India, ‘Slum dog Millionaire’ focused on the story of young slum-children-some of whom are blinded so that they could earn good money begging. Closer to home there have been so many incidents of the abuse of young boys by Catholic priests.
Child Abuse Essay: The Solution

After touching on the above points your child abuse essay should try to zero in on some solutions to the evil of child abuse. Children who are forced to live with drunken abusive parents should be offered an alternate venue to live in like a boarding school. There should also be stricter laws in place to protect children from pedophiles and other sexual perverts. Parents should keep a vigilant watch over their child to protect them from such dangers. Your child abuse essay should point out that children especially need to be monitored over the internet and should be escorted back from school by responsible adults.

People who are caught abusing children should be strictly dealt with to discourage such a crime.

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