Action Research Papers

Action Research Papers
Action Research Papers
Action research papers are products of action research that students have to undertake for the purpose of finding solutions to everyday problems experienced in schools. Thus, students are expected to present the outcomes of their investigation in the action research papers that most of them find embarrassing. This article aims to facilitate students in writing their action research paper by giving some useful prompts for writing.

Usually, before writing action research papers students are to submit their proposals that outline the project intended in the fall semester. The final action research papers should be submitted in the spring semester. If you need help with any aspect of research paper writing, you may try our professional custom research papers writing service online and get your research paper written by professional writers!
What is the structure of action research papers?

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the structure presented below can be used for both action research papers and action research proposals. Still, there are certain nuances that help to identify the difference in writing both papers:
Preliminary pages (include the Title Page and Abstract);
Text (write an Introduction, Literature Review, and Methodology if you are working on action research proposal; an Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, and Implications should be produced for the final variant of action research papers).
References (include the full amount of the sources used during action research and writing. They should be arranged in an alphabetic order by the names of authors).
What is the length of action research papers?

As action research papers require deep and profound research on the subject, it is nearly impossible to describe your procedure along with the results in 10-page paper. That is why teachers usually require action research papers to be twenty as minimum to forty as maximum pages. An action research proposal should be between seven to fifteen pages (this does not include appendixes and references).

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