Interview Essay

Interview Essay
Interview Essay
Interview essay is a method of obtaining information through communication with other people. To better understand the features of the genre of the interview essay, let's examine the fundamental features of interview essays:
The facts are evaluated and commented not by the author himself but by others
The interview essay writer quotes or retells someone else's opinion, discussions, and conclusions
The interviewer is not satisfied with the role of stenographer and takes an active position.
By means of the questions and contra-theses, interviewer can change the direction and tone of the conversation
Types of Interview Essay
The most common type of interview essay is dialogue. A classic pattern is "question and answer." It is clear that college interview essay writer should not serve as the supplier of mechanical issues and record responses. Often the complexity of the topic, its contradictory interpretations require clash of views, clarification of issues, and it is useful to deliberately focus the conversation, push the other person to the debate, to defend his/her interests, opinions, evidence.
Interview essay as the monologue, or story, is a massive text that is not dismembered by the questions and answers.
Interview essay may also consist of components like interviews and information. The challenge is not only to retell the opinions and judgments of the person, but also to create an interviewee portrait. In addition to actually asking questions, interview essay writer expresses his/her opinion, explains the situation and comment on the interview, draw the face of the interlocutor, etc.

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