Essay Scholarships

Essay Scholarships
Essay Scholarships
What are essay scholarships? Essay scholarships are the papers that must be written perfectly to uncover your rich inner world and the advantages you have over other applicants. Follow these simple rules of application essay writing and increase your chances for success:
If we are talking about the style of presentation, the student should strive for elegant presentation of his/her thoughts. Meanwhile, the student should express the thoughts clearly and accurately. Phrases and wording of application essay must be polished and refined.
The essay should not exceed 3-5 pages.
You must write briefly and clearly.
The student is required to demonstrate critical thinking skills to develop and prove his own position on definite issues based on acquired knowledge and independent thinking.
The structure of the essay scholarships includes essential components such as introduction (the essence and explanation of the chosen topic), main body (reasonable disclosure of the topic based on the material), conclusion (generalization and findings).
It is recommended to give brief definitions of key terms in the introduction but their number should not exceed three-four terms.
In the main body each paragraph should include one main thought.
When the essay scholarships writer quotes used material, he/she must do this according to the assigned academic style, giving precise reference to the source, including page number, and etc. Otherwise, the text would be considered plagiarized.
Finally, the student should show the practical significance of the problem. Make findings and conclusions, as well as show the linkage to other problems.
Essay Scholarships Tips

The quality of any essay depends on three components:
the quality of the source material (summaries of the read literature, lectures, recordings of discussions, ideas of the student and the student’s experience on this issue);
the quality of the processing of the source material (systematization of the material, its organization, argumentation, and reasoning);
argumentations (how exactly they relates to the issues raised in the essay)
practical significance (why is the issue raised by you important for the society or academic community)

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