Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative Essay Outline
Argumentative Essay Outline
It is not that difficult to write an argumentative essay. However, it is much more difficult to write a good paper based on a thoroughly developed outline for you argumentative essay papers. So, in this article, you will find an effective guide to creating a helpful argumentative essay outline.
Making an effective argumentative essay outline: Step 1. Picking a topic

Sometimes students are not given topics for their papers. In this case, special attention should be paid to the topic that sparks your interest at once. We also recommend you choose the topic you are knowledgeable about at least a bit. Thus, you will not waste your time much and start developing your argumentative essay outline at once.
Making an effective argumentative essay outline: Step 2. Gathering material

There are lots of places where helpful and valid sources can be found. Visit your school/college library, look through a number of recent magazines, journals, newspapers, etc., and finally, surf the Web. Your final English essay writing outline will much depend on the kind of materials collected. So, take this task seriously, as it is very important.
Making an effective argumentative essay outline: Step 3. Deciding on the position

As you are working on the argumentative essay and outline for it, you need to be aware of all existing viewpoints on the problem. What opinion do you find the most reasonable one? Does your personal point of view coincide with it? Formulate your statement in one sentence and write it down somewhere on a sheet of paper.
Making an effective argumentative essay outline: Step 4. Creating an argumentative essay outline

First of all, think of the ideas to cover in three the most important parts of your argumentative essay and outline: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Usually introduction presents the problem under discussion and the author’s opinion about it; main body gives proofs to show that the author’s opinion has merit; and conclusion restates the topic sentence of the essay. So, think over these points and make notes. Next, do the following:
Choose several opinions to present in your essay;
Find evidences that might support these viewpoints;
Formulate them briefly and arrange them in logical consecution.
Making an effective argumentative essay outline: Step 5. Editing your outline

Most likely, your tutor will require a comprehensive argumentative essay outline at the beginning of your paper. That is why your outline should be excellent. So, after you finish writing your essay, come back to your argumentative essay outline and think what might be changed.

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