Malcolm X Essay

Malcolm X Essay
Malcolm X Essay
Malcolm X essay cannot be written without additional research. Undoubtedly, you are probably knowledgeable enough on Malcolm X theory; however, it is recommended to read a couple of articles. Below is a short sample of Malcolm X essay:
Malcolm X Essay Sample

…One of the developments in the black movement is the attempt among leaders of the more militant organizations to link the movement for black equality in the United States with the movements of other oppressed peoples throughout the world, especially those in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. One of the first black leaders in recent years to see the struggle of black Americans in international terms was Malcolm X, who traveled and consulted extensively in Africa and Asia. 45 An attempt to link the struggle of black people in the United States and that of Africans led Malcolm X to establish the Organization of Afro-American Unity. Since his death several other black leaders have made contacts with revolutionary individuals and organizations throughout the world.

These leaders see the struggle of black Americans as being similar to those of other oppressed peoples, and they increasingly turn to what they call the Third World for support. In 1967 Stokely Carmichael was the guest of honor and a delegate at the meeting in Havana, Cuba, of the Organization of Latin American Solidarity, an organization of the leaders of revolutionary movements in Latin America. In his address to the conference he said:

We greet you as comrades because it becomes increasingly clear to us each day that we share with you a common struggle; we have a common enemy. Our enemy is white Western imperialist society; and our struggle is to overthrow the system which feeds itself and expands itself through the economic and cultural exploitation of nonwhite, non-Western peoples. We speak to you, comrades, because we wish to make clear that we understand that our destinies are intertwined. We do not view our struggle as being contained within the boundaries of the United States, as they are defined by present day maps....

At the first meeting of the National Conference for New Politics in Chicago in September 1967, black delegates insisted that the conference adopt a resolution pledging total and unquestionable support to all wars of national liberation in Africa, Latin America, and, particularly, Vietnam. According to one reporter, "Negroes increasingly see Black Power as not confined to ghetto rebellions, but rather as part of a general fight of the oppressed against the oppressor all over the world." He cites several instances in which black leaders in the United States have met with leaders of revolutionary movements around the world…

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