How to Write an Essay

How to Write an Essay
How to Write an Essay
Inexperienced students lack knowledge necessary to write an essay. One of the most common problems with writing college essays is proper citing. Prior to writing academic essay, you have to know how to quote and reference paraphrases. By paraphrasing rather than quoting materials, essays writer can make a discussion move more directly and forcefully toward essay objective. To credit the original author of an idea that is borrowed but not quoted directly, college essay writer places a footnote. If it is impossible to rephrase information as concisely, accurately, or effectively as the original source, it can be quoted directly in the English essay. This is done, for example, when presenting laws and formulas or aptly expressed ideas by respected authorities that point up an argument.

Whenever possible, it is best to select a short quotation or to strip the chaff from a longer one and plant the kernel in your own sentence when you write an essay. To avoid introducing all quotations in the essay that are presented as separate sentences with "Mr. X says," the introductory phrase may be placed within or at the end of the quotation. Because short quotations can be woven into essay writing discussion more easily than long ones, they are preferred. But a particularly pertinent long quotation can be used if extraneous portions are deleted. Do not fear of using quotation writing college essays. Quotation indicates that you have made a research before essay writing, that you have some work rather that took free student essays.
Argumentative Essay Topics
Fraud, Medicinal Marijuana, Anti-Semitism, Pornography, Alcohol Abuse, School Uniforms, Tax Reform, Terrorism, Censorship, Affirmative Action, Inner City Poverty, Nuclear Technology, Religious Right, , Health Care Policy, Alternative Medicine, Polygamy, Littering, US War on Drugs, School Violence, , Aliens and UFO's, Hate Crime, Ballot Initiatives, Social Security Reform, Rain Forests, Medicine Abuse, City Curfews, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Animal Welfare, Gambling, Battered Women, Stadium Taxes, Church State Issues, Animal Rights, Espionage and Intelligence Gathering, Gun Control, Recycling, Stem Cell Research, Alternative imprisonment, Infectious Diseases, Afghanistan, Marriage and Divorce, Smoking, Home Schooling.
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