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Custom Essay Writing Service
Custom Essay Writing Service
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Below you will find some of the mistakes made by most of the students. You should avoid redundancy while writing an essay. Words or expressions are generally considered to be redundant when they are tautological (‘merely repeat elements of the meaning already conveyed’). Expressions can also be redundant when they are verbose (contain an excess of words that focus on insignificant detail). Some notable examples of redundancy include:
yellow jaundice
sugar diabetes
two twins
‘will the funds available be adequate enough’ (versus, ‘will the funds available be adequate’)
‘the older residents could now climb the stairs safely and not get hurt’ (versus ‘the older residents could now climb the stairs safely’)
‘apparently the Chief Executive resigned ostensibly for health reasons’ (versus, ‘apparently the Chief Executive resigned for health reasons’)
Tips for avoiding redundancy in your essay, include:
do not labor a point unnecessarily
take a cooling off period
reread the essay for redundancies
remove any redundancies in the college essay writing.

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