Research Paper Writing

Research Paper Writing
Research Paper Writing
A good research paper should have a clear statement of the problem to be addressed while writing a research paper, the proposed solution, and results which were achieved. Research paper should clearly describe what has been done before and what your achievement is. While writing a research paper, describe the results in sufficient detail to establish their validity; identify the important aspects of the results, cover the significance of the results. Research paper writing should have a surprising, unexpected result. The problem should be solved in such a way that nobody has solved it before. Finally, while writing a research paper raise some questions that nobody has thought about before. So, if you manage to achieve these objectives, your research paper writing will be successful.
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The outline of the research paper should have the following format:
Abstract, typically not more than 100-150 words.
Brief introduction which presents a problem, outlines solution; the statement of the problem should include a clear explanation why the problem is important
Literature review which gives information about related works.
Body of research paper should contain sufficient motivation with at least one example in each paragraph, actual implementation details and description why the results are important not only theoretically but also practically
It is recommended to write introduction, methodology, and literature review sections first because they go together. Results and discussion sections are written after the research was conducted. It is a good idea to write research paper introduction last because it summarizes the research objectives and findings in one paragraph. Finally, write the research paper abstract. Proofread final research paper carefully for spelling, punctuation, missing or duplicated words. Make an effort to ensure that your research paper is clean, tidy, and attractive. You need to have a final draft of a research paper ready a day or two before the deadline.

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