Unofficial Winds Down

Unofficial Winds Down
Unofficial Winds Down
It’s been a crazy day – to say the least. The earliest I heared someone got up was 6:00am, and as of now, 1am, they are still out. Craziness I say.

Anyway, while meandering around campus I found myself quite amused by the drunkeness. I personally witnessed a girl get forcefully chased down and grabbed by an Illinois State Tropper because she had a beer in her hand. She was taken to the front seat of the police car and after about 20 minutes of pure hilarity she was let go with what looked to be some type of ticket in her hand.

Also while walking back from the heart of campus I walked past a university cop giving two punks public intoxication tickets for having beers on them. (Can these people be any dumber?)

Actually, it seems so, according to the Daily Illini, some genius attempted to climb from a second to third story balcony. Well, the railing gave way and he met the pavement. No word on his condition, though.

I was speaking about bag searching earlier today, and here is picture proof:

My apologies for not getting any original and hilarious pics up – I can’t locate my digital camera atm. Nonetheless, here is one (from today) from our daily newspaper.

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