Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Insanity

Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Insanity
Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Insanity
As promised, I’m giving you the mid-day update of the University of Illinois’ Unofficial St. Patrick’s day. I had my first class at 9am; however, I was abruptly awoken at 7:30am by drunk friends / roommate. Keep in mind, it’s 7:30am!

Usually at 8:40am, when I leave for my first class on Fridays the campus is dead and there isn’t but a few souls scuttling to class. Not so on Unofficial. Campus was hopping with hordes of drunk students in green shirts invading the sidewalks, streets, and quad. Loud music is bombarding you from every apartment and frat house, even including a few dorms this year. Girls are walking around in skimpy shorts and tube socks, and absolutely everyone is wearing green. It’s a sight to see.

Also spreading like the plague is the amount of police officers and security personnel. City of Champaign patty wagons and driving around just to remind everyone of the great pleasure of a $300 drinking ticket + community service time if caught wasted.

The security people are actually checking backpacks and purses for alcohol at the entrance to lecture halls. They’re even going as far as sniffing “water” bottles to see if there is other clear substances inside.

The publicity UoI has been receiving from Unofficial the past couple years isn’t making the administration happy, and they’re finally doing something about it.

Note: I will try to get a few entertaining pics later in the day / at night.

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