Have a High Awareness of GCSE Science Coursework

Have a High Awareness of GCSE Science Coursework
Have a High Awareness of GCSE Science Coursework
The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an important step in a student’s educational path. With a successful GCSE certificate, students can enrol for GCSE A / L. There are many subject choices for GCSE O/L selection and the GCSE science coursework is a compulsory one for those studying in the science stream. The current syllabus divides the subject area in to science and additional science, keeping the option for students to choose preliminary science or combination science. As per current GCSE criteria valid for year 2010 to 2012, 25% of the total marks are allocated for the coursework submitted during the studies.
Defining GCSE Science Coursework

Science coursework for GCSE O/L are not simple assignments. There will be many written assignments, project reports, field work as well as experimentations and lab tests to be conducted as a part of the coursework assignments. Most often the most common method of doing science coursework is to conduct an experiment and then write a process essay or a lab report on it. This will require students to be thorough with their essay writing techniques as well as theoretical knowledge related to various topic areas covered within the GCSE curriculum. The coursework related to the exam will be completed in the form of experiments and supplemented by written report. Students may face a number of coursework targeted towards GCSE submission. The tutors may mark them internally and send the best scores of a particular GCSE coursework to the examining body, to be added to the final marks.
Areas of GCSE Science Coursework

Science for GCSE is divided into three main areas. These are biology, chemistry and physics. At GCSE science coursework, level, students will not go as in depth into the subjects as they will later on while attending A Level or college studies. However, the GCSE curriculum aims to provide a sound foundation level knowledge on a wide variety of topics falling within the subject area. Common subject topics covered under GCSE science curriculum would include:

Biology Topics:
• Keeping healthy
• Nerves and hormones
• The use and abuse of drugs
• Interdependence and adaptation
• Energy and biomass in food chains
• Waste materials from plants and animals
• Genetic variation and its control
• Evolution

Chemistry Topics
• The fundamental ideas in chemistry
• Limestone and building materials
• Metals and their uses
• Crude oil and fuels
• Other useful substances from crude oil
• Plant oils and their uses
• Changes in the Earth and its atmosphere

Physics Topics:
• The transfer of energy by heating processes
• Energy and efficiency
• The usefulness of electrical appliances
• Methods we use to generate electricity
• The use of waves for communication
• Evidence that the universe is expanding
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