Guide to Scoring High for GCSE Geography Coursework

Guide to Scoring High for GCSE Geography Coursework
Guide to Scoring High for GCSE Geography Coursework
Submitting a Well Written GCSE Geography Coursework is Vital for a Good Grade

When students reach senior school, they need to face the GCSE examinations as per the British educational system. The General Certificate of Secondary Education is issued to students from ages 14 to 16. Having a GCSE certificate is extremely important as enrolment to A Level studies is dependent on the number of passes secured at GCSE exams. GCSE exam offers over 50 subjects for students to choose from and Geography is one of the common subjects. When studying the subject, students will need to complete coursework for the subject which trains the students in facing the final coursework for the subject. GCSE Geography coursework can earn up to 40% of the final grade and hence needs students’ full attention and preparation in advance.
The Necessity of Coursework

Coursework of any kind is an evaluation process. With the submission of coursework, teachers and professors are able to assess the students’ understanding of the subjects which were taught during the course of the year or as a part of a study program such as the GCSE exam. Teachers are able to evaluate the students’ understanding based on their coursework papers and provide them the suitable grade. If you feel coursework is not very important, think twice, as up to 40% of the overall grade is attributed to the coursework studies. Therefore, it is important that they submit well written coursework papers. If you are unable to grasp the requirements of a coursework, it is best that you buy coursework from a professional writing service and have it as a benchmark to improve your own writing.
GCSE Geography Coursework

One of the biggest challenges a student will face when doing GCSE geography coursework is to understand the assignment and incorporate all the key sections in to the work. Firstly, students will have to identify the thesis or a hypothesis for the coursework. This should be followed up with gathering of information, analysis and recommendations and conclusions. The entire paper needs to be written with proper and accurate evidence. Essay writing of this nature involves delving deep in to wide variety of source material. It is recommended that all students obtain the advice of their tutors or teachers on their hypothesis before proceeding any further with their coursework writing.
Inclusion of Graphical Material

Geography coursework requires the submission of charts, graphs and maps which will back the hypothesis. However, this should be done as per appropriateness of such additional material. If providing such graphical illustrations, students need to explain clearly on its relevance and provide citations of the sources. It is also necessary to check whether the assignment guidelines state anything specific with regards to the inclusion of such material in the coursework. Bear in mind that examiners are very strict in their marking when it comes to compliance. Hence, you may lose valuable marks, simply by not complying with basis rules of the coursework.

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