Writing a Good “An Inspector Calls” Essay

Writing a Good “An Inspector Calls” Essay
Writing a Good “An Inspector Calls” Essay
Writer Must be thoroughly Familiar with the Play to write a Good “An Inspect Calls” Essay

There are many writing tasks which students have to attend to when pursuing their high school studies or GCSE level studies. One of these tasks revolves around the writing of essays for GCSE literature coursework. Most often literature coursework assigns students the writing of essays such as “Our Day Out” essay, “Stanger essay” or “An Inspector Calls” essay. In order to ensure that students do a good job with such essays, they need to know the story well and be familiar with all aspects of the work of literature in context.
Understanding the Play

Written and directed by English dramatist, J.B. Priestly, this play was first performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union. It was then shown in 1946 in the UK. The play is a three act drama which is centred on one night in particular in 1912. Arthur Burling a prosperous man is celebrating the engagement of his daughter, Sheila. The family is visited by a man named Goole, who claims to be an inspector. This inspector interrogates the family about the suicide of a young woman named Eva Smith. By the end of the night each person in the Burling household seems to be responsible in some way for Eva’s death.
Writing the Essay

This type of essay writing task will not be done well if the play is not read. Therefore, firstly it is recommended that students ensure that the play is read and understood well. Without this element it will be impossible for you to write a good essay. Through thorough analysis of the play you will be able to understand the reasons as to why Priestly wrote the play. For example, we will realize that most of the scenes in the play point out the outcome of humans not caring for each other. Once the play is understood, students should begin to draft the essential details of the play. These include the characters, the writer of the play, the setting, the background etc.

When writing An Inspector Calls essay, it is important to formulate a good thesis statement. You will have to decide what part of the play you will discuss, or whether you will talk about the writer’s sympathies towards socialism. Whichever method utilised, you will have to be thorough with your research. If writing about the characters in the play, explain why the character is what he or she is. If writing about the author and why he wrote the play, you will have to provide examples of areas where his sympathies towards socialism are most apparent in the play.

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