Writing a Grad School Essay that Gets You Accepted

Writing a Grad School Essay that Gets You Accepted
Writing a Grad School Essay that Gets You Accepted
Know the Requirements of Grad School to Write a Good Grad School Essay

Students hoping for advanced academic degrees such as Master’s and MBA will have to write Grad school essay as a part of their application for enrolment. As there are many students hoping for a chance to gain admittance into a particular grad school, you have to ensure that the essay you write is so impressive that it stands out from all the rest. However, there are other contributing factors for admittance into Grad school.
Requirements of Grad School

Before you sit down to write the essay, you need to make sure that you have all the requirements necessary to enter into grad school. If you do not have these requirements it will be a fruitless task to waste time on the essay writing process.
• GPA – Grade Point Average is how the Admission Board will find out how well you are doing at you academic studies. The standard GPA requirement for Grad school is 3.0 to 3.3. If you are not within this, you are recommended to put off application and take high quality courses and summer school courses until your GPA improves.
• GRE – The Graduate Record Examination is a standard aptitude test which all Grad school students will have to take. The scores received for this test will provide the Admission Board on your capabilities of writing, analytical thinking, verbal and quantitative reasoning etc.
• Letters of Recommendation – The GPA and the GRE only provide the Admission Board your numerical grades and nothing else. With letters of recommendation from your professors, provide them with an understanding of what type of person you are.
• The Essay – The Grad school essay is your opportunity to impress the Admission Board with your word prowess and writing skills. This essay is the most important essay you will write in your academic career. Therefore, it is vital that you pay great attention to how it is written and presented.
How to Write the Essay

Provide accurate details of your accomplishments. Keep in mind that you should not list them down in point form. Write creatively as this essay introduces you to the Admission Board and a well written essay will get you selected. Keep in mind first impressions count. Provide the Board with specific details about the topics you wish to study. These essays should be written in 500 words or less. Lengthy essays will not impress the selectors as there will be thousands of essays which the Board will have to go through within a day.

The best way to understand how to write an essay of this type is to download an example essay online. The information provided in the example will help students to write their essay.

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