Writing a High Caliber Academic Essay

Writing a High Caliber Academic Essay
Writing a High Caliber Academic Essay
Common Mistakes Made When Writing an Academic Essay

Essays assigned for students within an academic curriculum can be referred to as an academic essay. As essays are a constant component in the assessment process of students, it is important that they learn how to produce these papers well. Well written essays receive high grades which is what all students will strive for. This article will provide students with some common mistakes they can avoid in their academic essay writing endeavour.
Lack of a Good Topic

One of the most common mistakes students make when writing essays is the selection of the incorrect topic. Often topics could be assigned. However, there are instances when students will have to select their own topics. Topics for essays should be relevant to the assignment and should be interesting. An uninteresting essay written on a boring topic will not be read throughout.
Lack of Proper Writing

Most students lack the skills to write good essays. They may be students who are conversant with the subject assigned, yet who are unable to apply the proper writing techniques to their essays. Academic writing varies from that of any other type of writing. It is more formal and requires every word and sentence to have a purpose and written with brevity and preciseness. The level of writing too will differ according to the academic level of the students. For example, a student in college will have to use more advanced writing than that of a student in high school.
Incorrect Citing of Sources

Writing essays require the students to use different sources. These sources will be used to add credibility to the essay. Every source, no matter how minute, needs to be cited in the prescribed format. This is an important element of a good academic essay. Therefore, students should take care to ensure that all sources, from direct quotations to mere grasp of ideas of others’ should be cited accordingly. Different sources used have different methods of citing. For example, the citation of sources from magazines and articles will differ from citing sources obtained through essay online. Hence, students should be thorough with their formatting requirements.
Lack of a Thesis Statement

From the initial times of writing essays, students have been educated on the importance of a thesis statement. The thesis statement will be the focal point of the essay. It will provide the readers with an understanding of what they can expect from the rest of the essay. An essay without a thesis statement is like a boat without a sail. Therefore, every student needs to know how to formulate a good thesis statement which will interest the reader to read the essay further.

The abovementioned points are just a few of the mistakes students will make when writing an academic essay. There are many more mistakes which they can avoid. These include lack of research, lack of a proper essay structure, lack of planning etc.

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