Tourism Essay can be Written in Many Forms

Tourism Essay can be Written in Many Forms
Tourism Essay can be Written in Many Forms
Travel into Numerous Areas When Writing a Tourism Essay

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. In order to write an accurate essay on tourism, students need to know what tourism is. Tourism can be classified as travelling for pleasure, business or recreational purposes. There are many avenues open for discussion when assigned to writing a tourism essay. Let us take a look at some of the avenues open to be pursued.
Benefits to the Countries that are Key Destinations

Tourism is promoted in many countries by advertising their natural resources, cultures and heritages. Most countries provide tourists different tastes of the country. These can be different from that of the visitors’ own countries. Based on this fact, most countries promote their natural resources, history, food, cultural heritage and architecture to interest the tourists into visiting these countries. Recreation and special sports opportunities are some of the other attractions. As a result the country in question will gain economic growth as well as cultural benefits. More tourists coming into a country means more foreign exchange. This will increase the revenue of the country and support a host of related local industries linked to cater the tourism industry. Your essay can focus solely on the financial benefits of tourism to a country or on other cross cultural benefits as increased openness to the world.
Popular Tourist Destinations

An essay writing assignment of this type does not necessarily have to concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages or the marketing strategies of tourism. It can also describe the most popular tourist destinations in the world and explain why tourists are drawn to these places. It could be the sandy beaches in the Maldives, the gambling in Las Vegas or the Louvre in France. You will have to conduct much research on why tourists visit these places and obtain data on how many people travel through to these destinations every year.
The Global Tourism Industry

The tourism essay can discuss the impact the global economic crisis had on the tourism industry. We saw a drastic drop in the tourism trade as a result of the 2008 economic crisis. As a result many countries that depend on tourism as their main avenue of economic revenue suffered as a result. This was due to the fact that many people conserve their cash during a time of economic crisis so that they can cover only the essentials such as clothes, food and shelter. The spending on holidays reduced drastically as a result. You will be able to discuss these attributes in your essay. Writing about the global tourism industry can also take the form of addressing differences in various tourism destinations around the world.

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