Getting Acquainted with the National Peace Essay Contest

Getting Acquainted with the National Peace Essay Contest
Getting Acquainted with the National Peace Essay Contest
If World Peace is Important to You, Take Part in the National Peace Essay Contest

An essay contest has many benefits. It provides students with prize money which they can use for college education and it also provides them the ability showcase their essay writing skills. There are many contests which are available for students to take part in. One of these is the National Peace Essay Contest.

The aim of this contest is to promote discussion among students and teachers and peers on the importance of international peace and conflict resolution. Therefore, all topics assigned to this contest are aligned with this theme.
Rules of Entrance and Participation

There are rules and regulations which need to be adhered when in school. The same is applicable when taking part in any essay contest. This essay contest is open to students only from grades nine through twelve. It is open to students living in the United States and all students should be attending public, private schools or should be participating in high school correspondence programs.
Essays Written

The National Peace Essay Contest requires the writing of essays, on the subject of peace, hence the name. All students who fall into the abovementioned criteria with excellent writing skills can take part in the contest. If you are able to write essays within 1500 words, this essay contest is for you. Keep in mind if the number of words is specified, not adhering to it will mean loss of points for the essay or being disqualified in some cases. Therefore, before entering this contest, you should practise writing essays related to this contest within the given parameters. As the essay consists of a large word count, students should make sure that the essay is written logically and cohesively. This will require that a proper essay layout be structured.

The essay written for this contest needs to follow specific rules of writing. Once the essays are written students are recommended to work with a contest coordinator who will be able to review the essay to ensure that it adheres with the rules of writing. Going through examples of essays written for this contest will enable students to understand the format and citations. If required to write the essay as an APA style essay, all rules of APA writing should be followed strictly. Once the essay is written, students should go through the essay checklist online to ensure that all the questions are answered properly.

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