Tips on Writing a Twelfth Night Essay

Tips on Writing a Twelfth Night Essay
Tips on Writing a Twelfth Night Essay
Comprehension of the Play is Key to Writing a Cohesive Twelfth Night Essay

The Twelfth Night written by William Shakespeare is a common writing assignment for students doing English literature. Writing a Twelfth Night essay will require students to have thorough understanding about its characters, plot, theme and the overall effect of the play etc.
Summary of the Play

Also known as “What you Will”, the Twelfth Night is a comedy which was written around 1602. It is about Viola, her brother Sebastian and the Duke of Orsino. To make the love triangle even more complicated it will include Olivia whom the Duke of Orsino is in love with. Viola, disguised as a man is used by the Duke to send messages of love to Olivia. Olivia, who harbours no romantic interest in the Duke, falls in love with Viola, whom she believes to be a man! Enter much confusion and humour. The play has a happy ending where Olivia and Sebastian are united and the Duke and Viola are united as well.
Writing the Essay

Although the play may be easier to understand and more interesting than some of Shakespeare’s works, writing an essay on it might be as complicated as any other Shakespeare writing assignment. This is especially true if the play is not read and understood. Shakespeare’s writing takes time to comprehend, therefore, students are advised to begin reading and understanding the play the moment they are assigned it.

The Twelfth Night essay can be written in many different ways. You will be able to write about one of the characters, compare the play to the movie, discuss the themes of deception and disguise, your overall analysis of the play and how it could have been better etc. There are more elements which can be considered if you will take the time to consider them. If a good idea is formulated, writing the essay can be handled with ease.

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