Write a Bullying Essay Which Address this Social Bane

Write a Bullying Essay Which Address this Social Bane
Write a Bullying Essay Which Address this Social Bane
The Dire Repercussions of Bullying can be addressed in a Bullying Essay

Bullying is something which can occur in many places. Bullying will begin mainly in schools, beginning at the age of ten or twelve. However, it is something which many people do regardless of age as well. This extends the habit to colleges, work place and even home. Writing a bullying essay will educate you and others on the repercussions of bullying.

Your essay on bullying can be handled in various ways. If you wish, you will be able to concentrate on the repercussions of being bullied, especially once it’s carried too far, how to stop bullying, and the reasons for bullying. Make sure that you develop a proper essay layout and plan what part of bullying you will concentrate on in your essay.
Effects of Bullying

As children are the most susceptible to being bullied, we can begin with this aspect. A child who has gone through adolescence being bullied will suffer the most. It is said that most adults who suffer from some type of phobia, depression, low self esteem or anxiety was at one time or another bullied by someone. There are negative consequences to the bullies as well. Most children who bully others will grow up to have a criminal conviction by middle age. They will also be school drop outs, will resort to stealing and will be consuming alcohol or will go on to use drugs. Thus, their lives too will be ruined by bullying.

Bullying has been known to be carried too far by some. This is most apparent in adults. There have been instances when the bullied have tried to escape the situation or have been physically assaulted, leading to paralysis, brain injury or even death.
Stop the Bullying

Whoever heard anyone say that bullying is a part of life was sorely mistaken. No child or adult should be bullied. If everyone is considered equal there should be no cause for bullying. There are many websites which are dedicated to stop bullying. These include OvercomeBullying.org, antibullying.net and organizations such as International Bullying Prevention Association. These organizations and websites provide information on the best methods of handling bullies and how to stop bullying. When you write your bullying essay in this manner, you should visit these sites and obtain correct information to write an accurate and helpful, informative essay.
Reasons for Bullying

Bullying will encompass not only verbal abuse but physical abuse as well. There are many reasons why people become bullies. This is due to something they lack or various psychological misconceptions and weaknesses. Lack of communication skills, vindictiveness, jealousy, distrust of other people, desire for power etc can all lead to such situations. It also indicates a person who lacks social skills and as a result is unable to make friends easily. Therefore, you can safely surmise that bullying is due to a specific inferiority complex.

This type of essay is written in the same manner as any other essay and you will most likely be assigned to write it as an APA style essay. Therefore, being familiar with its requirements will enable you to write with ease.

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