Structuring as per a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

Structuring as per a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline
Structuring as per a 5 Paragraph Essay Outline
Learn the 5 Paragraph Essay Outline or Obtain Writing Assistance

An outline ensures a cohesive essay. It ensures that the essay structure and the writer’s thought processes are in order. The standard essay format contains five paragraphs. As most middle school and high school students practise their essay writing skills by using the 5 paragraph essay method, it is vital that they learn to draft and use a 5 paragraph essay outline or buy coursework if the assignment is proving to be too tough.
Contents of the Outline

The five paragraph outline will contain of an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. The first paragraph will contain the introduction with the thesis statement. This section of the outline should be as interesting as possible. This is what draws the readers to the essay. Therefore, it should be “catchy” enough to compel further reading.

The three body paragraphs will discuss, argue or explain the thesis statement with sound evidence and explanations and examples. Every example or quotation used, should be cited in the prescribed format. One main point should be designated to each paragraph of the essay. No other points should be introduced in one paragraph.

The conclusion will signify the end of the essay and should ensure that the thesis statement has been explained completely and thoroughly. There should not be any doubt in the reader’s mind as to the conclusion of the essay. Most often the conclusion resembles the introduction. Most students might tend to worry about this aspect of the essay. It is permitted for the conclusion to be similar to the introduction, but it is recommended that it be as different as possible.
Purpose of the Outline

There are various reasons as to why teachers require students to use the 5 paragraph essay outline. The most important being that they wish to see that the information provided in the essay is in logical order. With the use of the outline, students will be able to ensure that their essays are in logical order. This is because the outline shows them exactly where the contents of the essay need to be placed. It also ensures that the ideas you have before the actual writing of the essay are in logical order as well. This makes the essay easier to write.

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