Making use of Essay Graphic Organizer

Making use of Essay Graphic Organizer
Making use of Essay Graphic Organizer
Submit an Easy to Read Essay by Using an Essay Graphic Organizer

Essays which receive high marks are ones which ensure that the content is accurate and is placed in the right place. This means getting the essay structure and layout right on target, as per the expected standards. Most students are unsure about the placement of their content. Therefore, they will be benefited by using an essay graphic organizer.

The key to receiving good grades for the essay is to ensure that the essay layout is done properly. With the right layout, students can present a cohesive and properly flowing argument or an idea. The organizer helps students at this task by helping students to achieve proper layout and structure for the essay. With the right information included in just the right manner, and in right place, students will be able to submit an essay which is well organized and easy to read.
Different Types of Organizers

Many different types of organizers are available online. Students will be able to find any organizer which is appropriate for their essay.
• Tree Organizer/Tree Chart – needless to say, this organizer is shaped like a tree. The trunk of the tree will be the topic and the branches will be the sub topics or ideas relevant to the topic. The tree organizer can have as many branches as possible.
• Venn Diagram – This organizer is named after the person who was responsible for creating it, John Venn. This diagram comprises of overlapping circles. It is used often in mathematics to show the relationship between sets and when writing compare and contrast essays.
• Flow Chart – This is very similar to the tree organizer. However, a flow chart will show the process or stages of a project. This essay graphic organizeris ideal for writing business essays.
• Radar Chart – This organizer is also known as a Web chart or a Spider chart. These charts can be used easily when writing marketing essays. By using the Spider chart, students will be able to compare the differences between one company and another.
Using Graphic Organizers

Although graphic organizers are useful when writing essays, if you do not know how to use it in the right manner, then the results will be rather ineffective. Therefore, below are some elements to be considered when using a graphic organizer.
• Everything written in the organizer should be in point form and should be as short as possible. This is similar to that of an essay outline.
• The organizer you use is a flexible writing tool. If you make mistakes or if you wish to change the plan of writing, feel free to do so.
• If the organizer is too much effort and you feel you can do better with an essay outline, doing what is most comfortable is recommended.

Whatever, type of essay you are writing, whether it is an APA style essay or MLA style essay, you should use the organizer which suits the assignment. Doing so will enable you to make the most of your essay graphic organizer.

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