Writing High Calibre Business Essay

Writing High Calibre Business Essay
Writing High Calibre Business Essay
The Business Essay Content Should be a Combination of Theory and Practical Examples

When doing Business degrees such as a Bachelors or Masters of Business Administration or Business studies, it is compulsory to write essays. These essays will be written on various topics falling within the field of business. These will include Marketing, Administration, Logistics, HRM, Corporate Ethics, Finance etc. Any of these subjects can be the basis of a business essay. An essay of this nature is not simply written with the writer’s opinions or data gathered. It has to contain a mix of theory, application and analysis, supported with real life business scenarios.
The Purpose of Writing the Essay

Business essays are assigned for students, for the teachers to assess the level of knowledge absorbed by the students, from the class room learning. Therefore, it is necessary that students write this essay with a clear understanding and alignment with the curriculum material taught for the subject area. An essay of this nature can address various aspects such as providing solutions to business problems, proposing business strategies, evaluating strategic actions, or providing theoretical interpretations of practical business situations.
What to Include

Whatever topic you are discussing in your business essay, it is important to back your theories with sound evidence. Referring to existing materials written by other business professionals will add credibility to your essay. This is important, yet should be done properly by citing the sources. An essay that is credible will be read with interest as most readers will feel more assured of the validity of what you are stating, when you cite others who agree with your point of view. Keep in mind that any sources used should be cited in the manner prescribed. For example, it should be remembered that if the essay is to be written as an APA style essay, students should cite their sources accordingly.
Structure of the Essay

The business essay layout is similar to that of all other essays. There will be an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Students are recommended that they use an outline prior to the writing of the essay to ensure that the material researched is in order. How the essay is written will make a significant impact on the reader. Therefore, ensure that your essay is precise and brief. Do not bore the reader with irrelevant material just so you can cover the word limit. A good essay on business will be short and to the point while providing important information, analysis and recommendations. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/5

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