Selecting the Best College Application Essay Topic

Selecting the Best College Application Essay Topic
Selecting the Best College Application Essay Topic
A Good College Application Essay Topic is an Essential Feature of a Winning Essay

Writing college application essays can be quite stressful. A lot is riding on how the essays are written. Although many colleges provide prompts for the writing of the essays, there are instances when topics will have to be selected. In instances such as these, it is vital that students know how to select the most unique and individual college application essay topic.
The Importance of the Topic

As you would know by now, the topic is vital to a good essay. The topic is the backbone of the entire essay. Therefore, great thought and consideration should be given to the selection of the topics. When it comes to selecting college application topics, the topic you select will reveal much about who you are. As the right impression is important, knowing how to select the best topic which will provide a good impression of you is essential.
How to Select the Best Topic

There are many ways in which students can come up with the most suitable college application essay topic for their essays. The best method is to brainstorm and come up with a few topics which will suit you and the assigned essay question. The topic should be interesting to you. Do not select topics which you will assume might impress the Admission Board. Understand that as long as the topic and its requirements are understood by you, writing the essay will be an easy task. Do not make it even more challenging than what it already is by trying to write essays on topics which are difficult. Avoid the use of controversial topics as you do not wish to antagonize or anger the reader. For this purpose, the closest topic choice would be the persuasive essay topics. As the college admission essay is written to try and persuade the reader that you are the best candidate, persuasive topics are the most suitable.
Topics which will get you Rejected

Many students still are uneducated on the selection of college admission topics. They will not realize the unsuitability of the topic selected and as a result will be rejected by the Admission Board. Below are some topics which should NOT be considered to write the admission essay.
• Controversial topics such as religion, abortion and politics.
• Feel sorry for me topics. These include rapes, abuse or any other incidences which you may think will make the Board feel sorry for you.
• Excessively humorous topics. Humour is necessary, but not in excess. This gives the readers an impression that you do not take life seriously.
• The all about me topics. These will make you sound arrogant and self centred.

Now that you know what you should avoid when selecting a college application essay topic, you will be able to concentrate and select the best topic and write your essay. You might even consider the option of buying your essay from a company which provides you the ability to buy coursework.

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