Writing an Educating Rita Essay

Writing an Educating Rita Essay
Writing an Educating Rita Essay
You Can Discuss Rita or Frank in Your Educating Rita Essay

Many essays are required from students when in high school and college. Some essays are based on literary texts while others may be based on the knowledge gained through students’ studies in school. One essay which students will be required to write on will be the Educating Rita essay. Let us take a closer look at how to write this essay.
Who Is Willy Russell?

When you are assigned to write an essay based on a play, it is of great importance to know all you can about it as well as the person instrumental in writing the play. In this case, the playwright behind this work is Willy Russell. He was a British dramatist, lyricist and composer, and was born on August 23rd, 1947.
Discuss Rita or Frank

Rita is the female character in a play for two. The other character is the male lecturer Dr. Frank Bryant. Rita, whose real name is Susan, is the student who signs up for an Open University course in English Literature. Frank is an alcoholic who is teaching in order to receive money to support his alcoholism. Frank is taken with “Rita” and her ways instantly. The play opens with the meeting of the two. Whoever is watching the play will feel the effect they have on each other. Your essay paper can discuss this effect or you will be able to write a good essay paper, describing your views on “Rita” or Frank.
The Themes in the Play

Every play has its themes to discuss. The Educating Rita essay too, can discuss the many themes apparent in the play. There are many themes in this play. They include freedom, relationships, education system and its shortcomings, the influence of other people on one’s life, etc. Students can select any theme to elaborate on and produce a well written essay.
Comparing the Movie to the Play

The film adaptation of the play was released in 1980. It starred Julie Walters and Michael Caine and was directed by Lewis Gillbert. You will be able to comparison essay by comparing the similarities and the differences of the movie and the play. You will be able to provide information on who you think will make a better “Rita” and how the film adaptation could have been improved etc. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/6

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