Write your Drinking and Driving Essay in Most Convincing Manner

Write your Drinking and Driving Essay in Most Convincing Manner
Write your Drinking and Driving Essay in Most Convincing Manner
Drinking and Driving Essay Should Educate others to be Responsible

Driving while intoxicated has dire repercussions. It is indeed a sad situation when a parent answers a phone call in the middle of the night and is informed that their child has been in an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. Drinking and driving are two things which are prohibited in many countries. It will not only endanger the people driving, but also endangers the lives of so many innocent people. When you are assigned the drinking and driving essay, you will be able to educate and inform others on the risks associated in the most convincing manner.
The Causes and Effects of Drunk Driving

Countless numbers of people are killed due to accidents from drunk driving. Drivers are considered drunk if their blood alcohol level is .08 or higher. Any accident by a driver with this percentage of alcohol or more is called an alcohol related accident. While the society is aware of this issue, many fail to grasp the magnitude of it and the gravity of the results. Most are unaware of the staggering statistics associated with drunken driving accidents. Your drunk driving essay can inform the reader on the effects to the individual, the family of the victims, family of the perpetrator and the society by and large.

Another manner in which the causes and effects of the drinking and driving essay, can be addressed is to discuss the reasons as to what motivates people to drink and then sit behind the wheel of a car. Is it for the thrill of it? Or is it the sheer irresponsibility and lack of respect for others on the road? In most cases, it is the sheer over estimation of one’s own capabilities.
Teenagers and Drinking and Driving

Teenagers are among the most susceptible age group for consuming excessive levels of alcohol and resorting to driving. The fact that alcohol is allowed only at the age of 18 does not matter to many teenagers. The fact that it is forbidden also plays an important role, at this thrill seeking age. Drinking at an early age can affect the brain development of many adolescents. This fact itself should be adequate to ensure that adolescent drinking is avoided. You can discuss the issue of drunk driving specifically in relation to this age group and support it with testimonies, examples, statistics and other evidence to drive home a very strong message against this behavior in an interesting effect essay. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/6

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