Writing an Effective Controversial Essay

Writing an Effective Controversial Essay
Writing an Effective Controversial Essay
The Effectiveness of a Controversial Essay Depends Upon the Topic Selected

Any essay of a controversial nature is referred to as a controversial essay. This type of essay writing is a common element in high school. It is an interesting essay to write as they are centred on issues which are debated often. As controversy is all around us, choosing a topic to write an essay of controversial nature will prove to be an easy task. However, there are few basic issues which the writer must pay attention to.
Importance of a Controversial Topic

The effectiveness of the essay depends on the selection of a good topic. This is true for all types of essays. When writing an essay of controversial nature the topics need to be interesting often discussed and should have various opinions. The more varied the opinions the more controversial the topic will be. Therefore, students should be thorough with what constitutes as a controversial topic.
Selecting a Good Controversial Topic

As mentioned above, controversial essaytopics need to be interesting. For them to be interesting you need to select topics which are current and up to date and not boring. Controversial topics need to be familiar to the readers. It will be a pointless task selecting a topic which no one has heard of. A good controversial topic ensures that the readers are familiar with the topic and have already formed opinions about it. Topics of controversial nature range from, politics, religion, global warming, abortion and homosexuality etc. As long as your topic brings about much discussion and debate and arguments you can guarantee your essay paper will be an interestingly controversial one.
Topics of Controversial Nature

• Does religion restrict us in what we do?
• Should it be legal to take performance enhancing drugs?
• Every woman should have the right to have an abortion.
• Should terminally ill patients be assisted with suicide?
• Every one should have the legal right to marry a partner of their choice, regardless of their gender.
• Should Racist music be aired on radios?
• English language should be the first language world over. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/7

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