Essay on Divali, an Ideal Cultural Essay Topic

Essay on Divali, an Ideal Cultural Essay Topic
Essay on Divali, an Ideal Cultural Essay Topic
Enlighten Others on the Festival by Writing an Essay on Diwali

Majority of Indians and Nepalese celebrate the festival of Diwali. This celebration is mainly a Hindu festivity, but people from other Indian religions too have been known to join in the celebrations. When you are assigned to write an essay on Diwali there are numerous elements of the festival which you can discuss and provide information on. Since this is a festival related to a particular culture, by writing informatively, the essay writer can create a high awareness. By infusing descriptive essay writing skills, the essay can pain a vivid picture of the festival in the minds of a reader that has not experienced this festivity.
What is Diwali?

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. Thousands of small clay lamps are lit all along the streets and lakes and the sight is a breathtaking yet serene one. Unlike Christmas or New Year there is no set date for the festival. The celebration depends on the timing of the lunar calendar. Generally it falls on late October or early November. People from many walks of life celebrate the triumph of good over evil on this day. The light symbolizes the triumph of good over the dark which is the evil. Among the many associated rituals, it is customary to clean one’s houses to welcome prosperity and good fortune. Hence, during the week before Diwali, many homes are spotlessly clean and the festivities continue for five days. The festival also is a time of sharing and you will find many people sharing sweets and other delicacies and gifts during this time. It is said that Diwali is celebrated because Ravana an evil king, was defeated by Prince Rama. Diwali marks his return to his kingdom of Ayodhya with victory.
Discussing Diwali in Your Essay

An essay on Diwali can be written in many ways. You can write it from the perspective of a person who has never seen this festival before, and is doing so for the first time. This can be written as a story and you will have to use the narrative essay format for this purpose. Explaining the colours, the lights and the beauty of what you see will make for an excellent descriptive essay as well. Diwali essays can also be written describing its rituals and its history and five days of Diwali celebrations. As this five day festival brings the entire Indian country to a stand still you can discuss the economic aspects of the celebrations as well.

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