Tips for Taking Part in Essay Writing Contest

Tips for Taking Part in Essay Writing Contest
Tips for Taking Part in Essay Writing Contest
Read the Rules and Guidelines before Selecting the Essay Writing Contest to take part in

Why do students enter essay contests? Is it because they wish to obtain the prize money? Is it because, as a winner they have better chances of getting into the colleges of their dreams? Or is it because, they want to showcase their writing talents? It is safe to surmise that a student will enter an essay writing contest for all the above reasons. In order to be eligible to take part in any essay contest, you need to be excellent at writing and yes, if you win, you will be able to not only receive the prize money, but in some cases, a scholarship to a prestigious university too.

There are many essay contests which are available for students. However, they need to ensure that they pick the right one to take part in. If not, they will not be able to show their capabilities. Let us take a look at some of the contests open to students.
The World Bank Essay Competition

The World Bank essay competition is open to students all over the world. As a result this is one of the most popular contests. There are a variety of languages to choose from to write the essay. As a result, students who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to take part in a contest such as this, now has the ability to write essays in languages familiar to them. This contest is held once every year with prizes which include winnings of up to $1000 – $5000. This is an excellent method for those who need a little financial assistance paying for college tuition.
Ayn Rand Institute Essay Contest

This essay writing contest is also quite a popular one as there are more than 236 winners in the contest. The chances therefore, are more. There will be 175 semi finalists who will receive $50, 45 finalists who will receive a $100, ten third prizes of $100 and 5 second prizes of $5000. The overall winner will receive $10000. This contest too, is open to students’ world wide although it requires them to write their essays in English on a provided topic.

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