Writing a Classic Shakespeare Essay

Writing a Classic Shakespeare Essay
Writing a Classic Shakespeare Essay
Gather as Much Information on the Writer to Write Your Shakespeare Essay

The mere mention of the name William Shakespeare conjures great images of beautiful poems and stories. One of the greatest writers – or may be the best writer – that ever lived, unfortunately lived in an era where his talents were not all that appreciated. However, when assigned to write a Shakespeare essay, there are many avenues open to discussion which will make the writer feel appreciated if he was alive today.
Who is Shakespeare?

Although we know most of the plays published by William Shakespeare, there is little information about the man himself. What is known has been gathered from records of courts and other manners. Information about William Shakespeare, critiques of his work and all that was said about him has been accumulated by his rivals and friends alike. Due to this, there are rather controversial allegations of owning up to work he did not have claims for. A plausible explanation is that in the Elizabethan era, it was common for playwrights to collaborate on projects. After success and fame is received, even small time contributors may have decided to lay claim for success.
Early Years of the Playwright

Born in 1564, William was the third child of John and Mary Shakespeare. It is stated that when William was eighteen he married an older woman of twenty six as she was pregnant with their daughter. They went on to have two more daughters and one son who died at the age of eleven. After writing many novels which inspire all, William Shakespeare died in 1616, leaving the world his enthralling creations which are considered as icons of literacy creativity. All this information can be compiled to write the Shakespeare essay on who you think Shakespeare was. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/8

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