Scoring High in the GMAT Essay

Scoring High in the GMAT Essay
Scoring High in the GMAT Essay
Writing the GMAT Essay is Easy if Properly Planned

Many business schools require students to write the GMAT essay. This is one part of the Graduate Management Admission Test. This essay is written in order to facilitate the assessment of your aptitude on math and written English to pursue business studies at degree level. A high score is a must to be considered for Business schools and MBA programs of your choice. The essay is only one section of the GMAT and apart from this; students will be tested on their vocabulary and mathematical aptitude.
Understanding the Analytical Writing Assessment

The AWA or Analytical Writing Assessment section of the GMAT provides the students an opportunity to present their writing skills to be assessed. This section consists of two writing assignments. Each will take approximately thirty minutes. The first assignment will require the student to write an opinion essay on a topic of controversial nature. The second assignment requires the student to analyze an argument and present its flaws in an essay. These essays need to be typed and not hand written as hand writing is often illegible. If written in the correct manner, with good content and adherence to structure, you will be able to obtain a good grade for the GMAT essays.
Planning and Writing the Essay

As there is only a short time of thirty minutes in which to write one essay, students need to ensure that they plan their time accordingly. Every essay needs an outline and spending the right amount of time on the outline and brainstorming will allow the writer to spend the most time on writing the essay. Proper time should be set aside for the reading of the finished essay as well. This is a task which needs to be practised before sitting down to take the test.

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