Writing a winning ISB Essay

Writing a winning ISB Essay
Writing a winning ISB Essay
ISB Essay Must Differentiate You from the Rest of the Candidates

Every year thousands of students apply for Indian School of Business and awaits the happy news of acceptance but similar to the competitiveness of Business school admission around the world, ISB too has to reject many applicants while selecting only around 10-15%. The ISB Essay written by the students, play a key role in supporting the student’s application. Therefore, here are few tips to write an impressive admission essay.
ISB Essay has to be written as Per Essay Prompt

ISB application pack contains the college application essay prompt applicable for each year and students are expected to write their essay accordingly. Each year the essay prompt is slightly modified but observation of several past years prompts indicate that the College Board is asking the same core question. They want to know what differentiates and sets the applicant apart from the rest.
Writing the ISB Essay Well

In order to write the ISB essay well, students need to think like a marketer. You need to find your unique selling point and convince that you are different in a worthwhile way to be added in to the ISB student body. These points should be well presented and your writing prowess should shine through the essay. After all, writing skills are a key factor that contributes to academic success and students are expected to have a fair skill in this area by the time they reach the stage of applying to college and university. Format and structure the essay as per standard rules and use a 5 paragraph essay format for this college entrance essay.
Differentiation Yourself

When it comes to differentiating yourself from other applicants, delve deeply and find out your strengths, capabilities, special characteristics etc. that can make you an outstanding student at ISB. You may possess sharp oratory skills or have a track record of leadership proven through leading various community serving organisations, school activities etc. It may be that you are a gifted artist even though you are interested in pursuing a career in business. You can include your life goals too in the ISB essay. How your skills and character disposition align with your chosen career goals are another area that can show that you have already identified how to use your differentiation points in your life path. You may include few interesting stories, incidents and anecdotes to substantiate your points in the essay. You need to interlink your content to the overall objective of applying to ISB which is to acquire a business degree. Hence your skills, capabilities, character and uniqueness must have some relationship with this goal. Include all these points in to your college application essay and write the most impressive of essays to get the attention of the selection committee.

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