Law Essay can not be written With Subjective Information

Law Essay can not be written With Subjective Information
Law Essay can not be written With Subjective Information
A Law Essay Must be Based on Full Knowledge of Legislature

Law degrees are extremely demanding and the coursework include writing of law essay that will have students grappling with legislature, Acts and case laws. Depending on the stream of law being studies, the applicability of various laws and legislature will differ but in general, all legal essays can be quite complicated writing assignments. Doing well in them calls for adherence to good writing practices as well as inclusion of appropriate content.
Areas for Discussion in Legal Essays

Often the legal essays will take an argumentative approach. This is because lawyers by profession need to argue their way through a case by submitting valid evidence and arrive at a proper verdict. For this purpose, the essays may choose various legislature, Acts or judiciary issues and discuss and argue on their relevance, applicability and the effect on society. Another approach would be to take different scenarios of legal situations and then apply various laws and legislature to prove the right or wrong of the situation. Unlike creative writing essay or an art essay, a legal essay must strictly be based on objective facts and data.
Topics for the Essay

Law essay topics may be allocated by the tutor or left to be selected by the student. If the case is the latter, then choose ones which are most relevant, within the curriculum and of interest to you. Few suggestions include following:

• Marital laws in the West are totally different from the marital laws in the East.
• Law of contracts should be harmonized across the world to support international trade and business.
• Differences in Roman Dutch law, English Law and Common wealth Law.
• Islamic Sharia law and applicability to foreign investors in Arab region.
• Criminal Laws and judiciary system applicable.
• Civil law and penalties.
• Violation of trust – is it a criminal offense?

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