The Lottery Essay Is Based On an Interesting Short Story

The Lottery Essay Is Based On an Interesting Short Story
The Lottery Essay Is Based On an Interesting Short Story
The Different Ways of Writing the Lottery Essays

This essay has to be written based on the short story ‘the lottery’ by the author Shirley Jackson. This is an ironical story which gives us a message that things are not like what we imagine things to be. Thus the writer has chosen an ironical name which in the first impression gives the feeling of winning and success where the story concludes with a sad ending. Thus the students must fully understand the story and the plot in order to write the lottery essay in proper perspective.

There are various ways of writing the lottery essay which students can choose from. Since this is a literary piece of work it can be described, commented and also be criticized. A critical analysis of its literary elements, plots, themese and messages need to be addressed in any type of essay. Following are few tips on essay writing that can help you to decide on the alternative ways in writing an essay on this story.
Setting of the story

A student can write essay based on the setting of the story. This means the atmosphere, the environment and the surrounding of the plot. This would include the setting of the characters and their relevancy in each incident. This also includes the mind set of each character and their intentions and roles in various incidents. For this the students must know almost all the characters of the story and the background of each.
The theme of the story

This can be elaborated in a literary angle where the theme is expressed through the subtle underpinning message that the author intends to pass the reader. Your lottery essay can describe the ironical theme within this short story. If written in a narrative essay form, this can be narrated well with the support of quotations from the story. With the use of proper essay phrases, the student can describe the subtle nuances and underlying puns and ironies of the theme intended to be conveyed by the writer. The discussion can be further extended by writing the relevance of such themes to the present context.
The most interesting incident of the story

Also students can write over the most interesting character along with the most interesting incident. This can be either the students’ choice or the plot or the climax part of the story. This should be refer to the twists and turns of the incident and its contribution towards the end.

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