Main Points to Consider Regarding Fountainhead Essay Contest

Main Points to Consider Regarding Fountainhead Essay Contest
Main Points to Consider Regarding Fountainhead Essay Contest
Fountainhead Essay Contest- Write an Award Winning Essay

The world renowned essay contest called fountainhead essay contest was established by the Ayn Rand institute which was a great establishment where students with essay writing abilities are always welcomed and appreciated. This institute conducts annual essay contests offering monetary rewards where students from many wakes of lives can show case their talents. Similar to other major International Essay Competitions, this too has its own set of rules and regulations which needs compliance by participants.

Thus this contest is considered as a highly competitive contest where there would be thousands of participants competing on a winning goal. Therefore the students must be well aware that the slightest error can lead you far away from the winner’s position. However the participants can practice their essay writing in readiness for this competition as the writing has to be based on a given topic from the world famous novel, fountain head.

The following are few important pre requisites that need to be ensured by the participants in order to aim for a prize in fountainhead essay contest.
Thorough Knowledge of the Novel

Since the essay contest is based on the novel fountainhead, it is mandatory for the participants to know the story in depth. As the essay topics are related to the novel the essay writers who are fully familiar with the novel can interpret and write on various aspects in a competent manner. Therefore a well written essay can only be produced through knowledge of the plot, the characters and the theme and message of the story.
Understanding of the Rules of the Contest

Prior to participation the students must be well aware of the terms and conditions of the essay. These standards and rules are similar to other essay competitions such as World Bank essay competition. The participants can log in to the fountain head essay competition web site for further details and such as submission rules, entry information, the required style and content, the minimum and maximum number of words, and the criteria to be abided when sending through mails etc.

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