Writing an Essay on “The Color Purple” Novel

Writing an Essay on “The Color Purple” Novel
Writing an Essay on “The Color Purple” Novel
The Colour Purple Novel Brings Students Face to Face with Brutal Realities of Social Issues

The Color Purple is a famous novel written by Alice Walker, a renowned author, poet and an activist. She won the Pulitzer Prize and the American Book Award for this book. In 1985 a film based on this novel was produced by Steven Spielberg, which also became very popular. Walker has written many more novels, poetry, essays, and criticism that has provided inspiration to black women writers. The Color Purple has become a popular topic for literature assignments for high school and college students as it highlights a number of social issues which are pertinent even today. Some of the issues you may have addressed in a domestic violence essay is rampant within this novel and you will come face to face with horrible conditions of lives the women of past era had to contain with. When called to write an essay on this essay, there are many aspects of the novel and the author that can serve as topics on which to build good, interesting thesis statements.
Plot of the Novel

Plot of the novel evolves around Celie a fourteen year old African American girl in rural Georgia. She has a sister, and her mother is physically and mentally ill. Her child hood is brutally abused when she was raped by his father. She has to surrender to her father’s continued abuse and gives birth to two children by him. Adding to the trauma, both the children were stolen by the farther and Celia continues her life believing that he has killed the two children. Later in life, Celia is married off to another man who continues to abuse her and traumatize her life. The Color Purple unfolds the story of Celie exemplifying the oppressive conditions faced by the black women of that era and how Celie finally finds her away out of vicious subordination to freedom.
Possible Essay Topics on the Novel

Following are few essay topics which the essay writer can consider in writing different forms of essays on “The Colour Purple” novel.
• How Alice Walker’s childhood experiences influenced her world outlook that is expressed in Celie’s letters to God.
• How Alice Walker’s experiences in Uganda is reflected in Nettie’s letters to Celie.
• How successful is author’s choice of narrating the story, as a collection of letters.
• The Color Purple became a controversial novel mainly because she addressed double oppression faced by the African American women.
• The disillusionment of African Americans who searched for their roots in Africa in nineteen sixties is aptly illustrated in Nettie’s letters.
• Relationship between Celie and Shug is a protest to the oppression by her husband.
Themes Explored by the Author

Themes are the fundamental ideas explored by the author while narrating the story. Here author strongly states that ability to express one’s feelings and thoughts is important to build ones personality. Unable to resist the abuses of her father, and having nobody to complain or tell, she starts writing to God. That builds an inner strength in her character that ultimately helps her to become a successful business woman and claim the right of ownership to her mother’s house. The power of strong female relationships also is explored in the novel. Celie’s relationship with Shug plays very important part in her realizing of self. Racism works in a vicious circle. This cyclic pattern of racism is another aspect author has addressed in this controversial novel. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/10

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