Essays of Elia: An Unforgettable Master Piece in Essay History

Essays of Elia: An Unforgettable Master Piece in Essay History
Essays of Elia: An Unforgettable Master Piece in Essay History
Various Approaches to Writing on Essays of Elia

Essays of Elia are a collection of essays written by Charles Lamb, who was well known as the guru of essay writing. These appeared initially in British magazines individually as a series but later published as a collection of over 52 essays. The essays included narrative style, easy to read works which had even been converted to plays in later times. These essays have reached across the globe and have been translated to many languages and published in various sources of literature. The central characters of these narrative essays seem to represent the author himself and therefore represent close personal views of Lamb.
Different Methods to Approach the Essay

There are many ways to write this essay as the topic relates to a renowned collection of essays by a well known writer. However students must have an overall background of the essays and an in-depth knowledge regarding the content and messages so that a proper interpretation can be made. Therefore an extensive study of the essays is vital in order to come up with an essay that sets apart from the rest.
An Honorary Essay on the Writer’s Work

Students can write an honorary essay regarding essays of Elia as a complement to the essay writer. This can be done through identifying the plot of the essays and the methodology used by the writer in order to bring out the intended message. The messages intended by the writer and the style and themes utilized in the writing needs to be addressed. The students need to elaborate upon the literary excellence of the writer and his skills when this type of an essay is to be written.
A literary Analysis Essay

Your essay can take the form of a literary analysis essay where you look at the essay collection from a critical view point. The essay can discuss the pros and cons of the Essays of Elia collection and highlight the strengths as well as weaknesses in various approaches and techniques utilized by the writer. The essays should be interpreted properly and their messages must be discussed. Essay phrases can be quoted from the essay collection to substantiate your points. However negative commendatory need to be diplomatically stated since these are work of highly respected literary figures.

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