Is Five Paragraphs Essay Format Sufficient to Cover a Topic?

Is Five Paragraphs Essay Format Sufficient to Cover a Topic?
Is Five Paragraphs Essay Format Sufficient to Cover a Topic?
Every Paragraph in the Five Paragraph Essay Format is Important to the Essay

A five paragraph essay format is the most common essay format used for academic writing, especially in the middle school years where the writing skills are being groomed. This format is used to write essays on almost any topic as it is considered straightforward and concise. Yet many students still find writing essays in this format a task which is challenging. This could be a problem for them when they go on to college and have to write more complex essays. These students will be benefited by the guidelines provided below.
Introductory Paragraph

You would wonder why five paragraphs are assigned to this format. The five paragraphs consist of the introduction, three body paragraphs and the conclusion. The first paragraph which is the introduction will provide the readers with background information on the topic and the thesis statement. This is the most important element of the five paragraph essay format.
Body of the Essay

The three body paragraphs in the essay will develop the argument through sound research. Each paragraph will be limited to providing one main idea from the most important to the least important point. Each point should have ample evidence to support it and the proper use of transition words should be used. This is similar to the 3 paragraph essay’s body paragraph. Five paragraph essay format allows the students to focus on the most important of the supporting points since the restriction of only 3 body paragraphs.
Conclusion Paragraph

The conclusion is the last paragraph and will summarize the main points. The conclusion should be written in a manner which proves to the reader that the essay is indeed over and what is being discussed has been discussed completely. A strong, precise and memorable conclusion is equally important as the body and the introduction of a five paragraph essay.

As you can plainly see, each paragraph is important to the essay. Without an introduction your essay will lack an overview of the topic and the thesis statement. Without the essay thesis your essay will lack focus. Without the body paragraphs you will not be able to prove your points and hence, will be unable to convince the readers on your point of view. Without the conclusion you will not be able to reiterate your point and bring your writing to an end. Without this paragraph, you will leave the work unfinished and the reader confused.

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