Write Your Racial Profiling Essay Tactfully

Write Your Racial Profiling Essay Tactfully
Write Your Racial Profiling Essay Tactfully
Due to Its Controversial Nature the Racial Profiling Essay Should be Handled Carefully

A racial profiling essay is an interesting essay assignment. There are many issues related to racism. One of these issues is racial profiling. Racial profiling can occur anywhere. For example, a law enforcement officer may use a person’s colour or ethnic background or religion rather than a person’s behaviour to make an arrest or any other enforcement. This is a grave injustice to human rights. Similarly people may be subjected racial profiling when being recruited, promoted, or terminated in the work environment. Organisations such as Amnesty International are non governmental organizations which focus on ensuring people are not subjected to racism and have their rights violated. However, even with the lobbying of such organizations, there are many incidents which occur due to racial profiling.

Many issues can be discussed when students are assigned racial profiling essays. There are many cases of racial profiling in the United States alone which you can use to ensure a well written essay paper. Below are some methods which you can address.
Subtle Racial Profiling

If you take any type of form which you will need to fill out, do you ever wonder why you have to include your race in it. What has the colour of your skin or religion got to do with the application for a driver’s licence? Why do you have to fill a job application form where they ask you what your race is? Race and religion should not matter if one can do one’s job and is qualified to do so. This is an element which you can discuss in your essay.
911 and the Start of New Racial Profiling

After the September 11 attacks, a three judge panel issued a decision on the 10th of January 2008, that the race of a person flying in an aeroplane will determine if he or she is approved for flying. This was a rather serious concern to many Muslims. Your racial profiling essay can discuss your view point and write an argumentative essay on its relevance.
Your Opinion on Racial Profiling

Everyone has there own prejudices. It may be because of a person’s sex, race, sexual preference etc. Your essay can write on the proper methods of alleviating racial profiling. You will be able to find many sources of information which you can use to back your theory. The inclusion of statistics to back your claim will add more credibility to the essay as well. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/11

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