Care to Write a Jaw Dropping Jaws Essay?

Care to Write a Jaw Dropping Jaws Essay?
Care to Write a Jaw Dropping Jaws Essay?
Jaws Essay – You can Discuss the Movie, the Book or Both

Students doing film studies coursework will be assigned to write critical review essays on topics, books and themes related to films. One such essay is the Jaws essay. A popular movie directed by Stephen Spielberg based on Peter Benchley’s novel; this movie has many facets which you can write about. However, before we proceed any further, it is important to know what it is about. So if you have not had the time to watch the movie or read the novel, here is a preview of it to perk your interest on the story. However, only a close reading and watching the movie will allow you to produce a well written essay.
Jaws – What it is about

Considered by Empire magazine as one of the best movies ever made, the movie is about a small beach town called Amity. Although asked to close down because of a Great White scare, the town council decides to keep the beach town open. The rest of the movie is about how the shark kills many people beginning with a young woman who goes swimming by herself. After several attacks, the town of Amity decides to obtain the help of a marine biologist and a professional shark hunter to hunt and kill the shark.
Facets which can be Addressed in the Essay

There are different angles from which this essay can be approached. The essay can be written in an original manner when the writer seeks out a fresh perspective to treat the topic.
Spielberg and his creation of Jaws

Stephen Spielberg as we all know is a master at directing movies which are instant box office hits. Your Jaws essay can discuss how Spielberg creates tension for the entire audience. This will require you to pay close attention to the small facets of the movie such as the tolling of the church bell when Chrissie the lone swimmer dives into the water, etc. Your essay can recreate a scene from the movie and critically review it and provide your own opinion on how you as a director could have made it better than Spielberg etc.

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