Points to Ponder When Writing a Christmas Carol Essay

Points to Ponder When Writing a Christmas Carol Essay
Points to Ponder When Writing a Christmas Carol Essay
A Christmas Carol Essay Can Explore the Moral Of the Story from Many Angles

The great writer Charles Dickens wrote many novels. These include, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield among many. A Christmas Carol was written and released in 1843 and is being widely read in many houses on Christmas Eve even in the present day. Writing A Christmas Carol essay requires thorough knowledge and understanding of the story. This will not be a difficult task as many of you would have heard the story while growing up. But what you need is close reading so that the subtle messages and nuances of ideas are captured by your mind and interpreted in the essay you write.
Understanding of the Story Is Important

Ebenezer Scrooge the main character in the story is a stingy business man who has no time for kindness and compassion in his life for others. On seeing his recently deceased friend’s ghost who warns him to mend his ways, Scrooge is also visited by three other ghosts who wish to help him change his ways. The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come help him to see what a useless life he will face if he does not include kindness, compassion and benevolence in his life. On seeing what future holds, Scrooge vows to mend his ways and is considered a good man in the end of the story.
Issues Worth Considering

To understand the issues worth considering in A Christmas Carol essay, you need to ensure that the novel is read from beginning to end. Only then will you be able to write a good essay with the right interpretations of what the writer intend to convey. This essay can discuss the characters, especially the three ghosts, the moral of the novel, the themes and your opinion of Scrooge’s transformation. Do you think a person can change overnight? Do you think people like Scrooge exist in this world and can you name a few? Themes for the essay can include ideas such as the necessity of money and the repercussions of too much money. What is the central point of the essay? Is it the fact that because of the fear of the unknown that Scrooge changed or is it because he really wanted to change? These questions can be brought forward as good topic ideas for the essay. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/essay-writing/a-christmas-carol-essay

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