Writing Your Grad School Essay

Writing Your Grad School Essay
Writing Your Grad School Essay
FAQ on Writing a Grad School Essay

On completion of undergraduate studies and the receipt of the degree, you may wish to apply to graduate school and progress further. You may decide to remain in the same university in which you pursued your undergraduate studies or may decide to enrol at a new university but in both cases, you will need to apply for enrolling in to grad school degree program which you are interested in. Writing an excellent grad school essay is the key to being accepted in to a demanding graduate school studies. When confronted with the task, many students mule over some common questions. Here are few questions which needs answering when you sit down to write this important essay.
Is the Essay Necessary?

You are not the only person applying to grad school. There are thousands of students who are as or more qualified than you who will be applying. A graduate school can take in only so many students. Therefore, they need to select the perfect choices. Knowing what constitutes as perfect choices will enable you to get yourself ready for grad school admissions. Even if your grades are not as good as expected, sometimes if the application essay is written well, the Admission Board will consider you.
What Should I Include in the Essay?

When faced with this question, the best method is to ask yourself why you want to be accepted into grad school and why you deserve to be accepted. The grad school essay should be based on this theme. Explain who you are, and what makes you different from every one else. Highlight the qualities which you think is necessary for this purpose. Do not feel that you don’t have any outstanding qualities. Everyone has qualities that distinguish them from others.
What Shouldn’t I Include in the Essay?

As there are items for inclusion, there are certain things you must stay away from. These include the use of excessive humour, sob stories, lengthy explanations etc. Keep in mind that there are thousands of admission essays which the Board will have to read. Therefore, you need to be concise and to the point. Avoid rambling as this will prove that you are a person who does not care about time. The way grad school essays are written will reflect on the students. Therefore, be very careful with how you write and what you include. Adhere to the same rules of writing followed when writing your college application essay.

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