Excel at University Essay Writing

Excel at University Essay Writing
Excel at University Essay Writing
Differentiate between University Essay and High School Essay Writing

Writing essays is a common assignment when in high school. If you expected any reduction in the quota of essays you will write in university, you were greatly mistaken. The amount of writing done in university will far exceed the volume and complexity of the work done in high school. There are many more differences when it comes to your expectations of university. These will differ greatly from those of high school. Let us discuss the differences in university essay writing and high school essay writing.
Stringent Expectation

You may find that your professor in university keeps including remarks such as “need clearer expressions”, “ Lacks a deep level of analysis”, “need a synthesis between theory and application” or “not informative enough” in your essay papers. This might come as a shock to you if you were considered as a good essay writer who received high praise for your essays in high school. In instances such as these you may ask yourself, what the problem is.
Differences of a University and High School Essay

It is can be safely stated that most university students are not prepared for the difference in the level of writing when it comes to university essays. They are not prepared for the work load nor are they prepared for the variations in writing methods. If you are assigned a topic you will have to come up with in high school you would have had to write in a manner which showed that you understood what is being asked. In university writing, you will have to write in a manner which shows not only your knowledge of the topic but also your ability to make a critical judgement of the topic as well. Most essays are lengthy term paper assignments asking you to write in excess of 2500 words and you are required to pool a host of writing styles in addressing different sections of the essay.

The thesis statement is another element where university essay writing and high school essays will differ. In high school, your ability to develop and present a thesis statement is not stringently tested although encouraged. But in university writing, this becomes the key focus on which the entire writing is expected to revolve.

Whereas a high school essay did not require more than one or two sources to back your argument, essays written in university require at least four or five sources to back you. These sources will also have to be cited in the manners specified by your respective academic organization. In university level writing, you will need to learn how to format your work as per specified reference styles such as MLA, APA or Harvard.

The format used for many high school essays is the 5 paragraph essay format. This will change somewhat in university. Although the standard structure will be used, their will be an extension to it. For example, your five paragraph essay will consist of the introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion when in high school. The university essay however, will adhere to the same structure but will have additional body paragraphs.

Another important difference in university and high school essays is the length of the essays. High school essay writing requires students to adhere to a word limit of 500 to 1000. University essays are much longer, sometimes going over ten pages in length.

The transition between university and high school essay writing are handled easily by some students. Some, though, find it a challenge. If you need writing assistance, seek help from Essay-writing-co.uk and enhance your knowledge on university level writing. With our help, essay writing in university will become an easy task. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/12

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