Many Facets of Tourism to be addressed in a Tourism Essay

Many Facets of Tourism to be addressed in a Tourism Essay
Many Facets of Tourism to be addressed in a Tourism Essay
Tourism Essay Can Examine the Impact of Tourism on a Nation

When assigned to write a tourism essay, many students ponder on the fact that they do not have sufficient material and understanding on the best method of writing this essay. But there are many facets to this essay and you can write it in many interesting ways. This type of essay can investigate many elements of tourism and the impact it has on social, cultural and economic life of a nation. With proper knowledge acquired through reference to sample work as well as writing guides, you will be writing your essay to excellent standards.
What is Tourism?

Every country has tourists. Tourism is mainly the travelling of persons from their own country to another on business or for recreational purposes. Many of us have travelled to many parts of the world and have been considered a tourist by that country. Some countries make their main livelihood from tourism. Therefore, these countries will cater to all the needs and requirements of tourists so that they will be compelled to visit again because of the hospitality they received in these countries. Some of the countries which thrive on tourism are the Maldives, the Hawaiian Islands, and Thailand etc.
Marketing of Tourism in a Country

A successful tourist industry requires proper marketing strategies. A country which earns its revenues through tourism needs to understand the importance of proper marketing to attract tourists into their countries. Elements such as identifying the requirements of the tourists, deciding on what category of tourists the country will cater to and making the proper tourism offer through a package of experience offers is at the core of effective marketing. These issues can be very useful to be addressed in a tourism essay. Another way to write a good essay on tourism will be to compare or discuss tourism advertising campaigns such as “There’s nothing like Australia” or “Malaysia Truly Malaysia” or “India in Its Glory” etc.
Impact of Tourism on a Country

Tourism carries massive impact on the country concerned. If a country has a fully fledged tourism industry, then the impact will be significant compared to those with small scale tourism. As in the case of every matter, there is a good side and a bad side to it in such impact. For example, the more tourists that come into a country the more foreign currency the country receives. Increase in economic earnings and expansion of this industry is a benefit of tourism. It will support many livelihoods in that country. However, there are disadvantages to tourism as well. Countries which solely depend on tourism for their livelihoods will consume ground, water and energy in terms of putting up better infrastructure. They may damage natural resources as forests in trying to make better and interesting accommodations for the tourists etc in order to attract more tourists. The culture of a country can be greatly altered by high levels of tourism as in the case of Thailand. Addressing these negative issues can make your tourism essays rather controversial as well.

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