Saving Private Ryan Essay – An Interesting Writing Assignment

Saving Private Ryan Essay – An Interesting Writing Assignment
Saving Private Ryan Essay – An Interesting Writing Assignment
Writing Saving Private Ryan Essay Needs You to Watch the Movie Intently

Saving Private Ryan essay can be written for students doing English coursework or as essays written for film studies. This essay is a new concept which was introduced after the smashing hit of the movie which debuted in 1998. Therefore, to write an essay on Saving Private Ryan you need to ensure that you pay strict attention when watching the two hours and forty nine minute production.
The Movie Overview

Written by Robert Rodat and directed by world renowned Steven Speilberg, the movie is set in Normandy in World War II. Based on the real life deaths of Agnes Allison’s sons, the movie was an instant success and won many a critical acclaim. The movie grossed a whopping 481.8 million dollars in world wide earnings.

The story is about a mother who loses three of her four sons in the War and is about to receive three letters regarding their deaths on the same day. Upon hearing this, General George Marshal finds out the last surviving son is battling in Normandy under the 506th Parachute Infantry Regimen and orders that the son be found and sent home immediately.

John H. Miller (played by Tom Hanks of Castaway) is the person who is in charge of finding Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon of Good Will Hunting) and sending him home safe and sound. The ensuing scenes are based on Miller’s locating and keeping Ryan safe from harm.
The Essay Writing

When assigned to write the Saving Private Ryan essay, there are many ways in which you will be able to write an effective essay if you possess the proper essay writing skills. These skills will enable you to take on any aspect of the movie, and write your essay in the most comprehensive and descriptive manner possible. Below are a few methods in which to write your essay.
What is World War II?

Writing on the true nature of war and not the way it is usually portrayed in the movies is an element which can be considered. Saving Private Ryan is a movie which shows what the real World War II was like. It is not a movie which takes different sides it just depicts and informs the people watching what war is all about. Your essay can explain the many ways in which this was depicted. Go through a few essay examples before beginning the writing process.

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