Educate Yourself on Writing a Descriptive Essay

Educate Yourself on Writing a Descriptive Essay
Educate Yourself on Writing a Descriptive Essay
Writing a Descriptive Essay Require Skills of Elaboration

Descriptive essay writing is an essay which requires quite an amount of effort. As the name defines, it requires the writer to use description to make the essay more informative. You need to elaborate and enumerate on the subject that you are addressing. The only manner in which this can be achieved is through the providing of detailed accounts of the topic. Even minute bit of information can make the descriptive essay a good one. As an example, if a bomb explosion or a natural disaster is being described it will require the writer to use all five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound into describing the day. The aim of the essay is to make the reader “see” the subject being described in his or her mind. Below are a few elements to be aware of when writing a descriptive essay.
Considerations about Getting Started

A descriptive essay can be written on almost anything. It can be about a place, event, person, or thing. Take a few minutes before sitting down to writing a descriptive essay, to decide on what you wish to describe. Once you decide on what you wish to describe, look within yourself and find out why you want to describe it. What makes this particular incident important? What you were doing, what your feelings were etc should be listed down before beginning the task of writing.
What to Avoid in Descriptive Writing

Descriptive essay writing, if not carefully thought out, will allow the writer to ramble. This is one element which should be avoided when writing descriptive essays. Keep in mind that every aspect of the essay need not be described. This will make the essay boring. Select a significant part of the essay to describe and describe it as vividly as possible.

Avoid the use of bland and uninteresting language. For example, if you are describing an apple a boring method will be “the apple was red”, but saying “the apple was round and juicy and bright red. The weight of the apple filled my hand and tantalized my taste buds and made my mouth water…” is a more interesting method and will make the reader want to taste the apple more than you! Therefore, if you use interesting words to describe something, it will interest the reader more, even something as common place as an apple.

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