Write a Winning essay for National Peace Essay Contest

Write a Winning essay for National Peace Essay Contest
Write a Winning essay for National Peace Essay Contest
National Peace Essay Contest – Brings Awareness of Global Conflicts and the Importance of Peace

There are many contests open to students all over the world. These contests provide students with the ability to show off their writing capabilities. As the prizes too, are of importance many students are striving to achieve perfection with their essay writing in order to be eligible for entrance into at least one of these essay contests. This article is dedicated to the National Peace Essay Contest.
About the Contest

More than 1000 students in the United States submit their entries to take part in the essay contest. Hosted by the United States Institute for Peace (USIP), it is held once a year and the purpose of the contest is to promote peace, harmony and good will to all. This contest provides students and teachers and world leaders alike, to come together and raise awareness of international peace and conflict resolution. Students who are placed first to fourth will be awarded cash prizes ranging from $10,000 to $1,000. This in itself is motivation to do better at essay writing and try to qualify for the contest. The winning students will be invited to Washington for the five day awards ceremony which is paid for by the Institute. These students will be able to meet US government officials and political leaders, visit historical and cultural sites and sample international cuisine from some of the finest ethnic restaurants in the State among other wonderful opportunities available for winners.
Rules of Entrance

As with all essay contests the National Peace essay contests too have rules and regulations which need to be adhered.

• Students from grades 9 through 12 who are eligible and who knows how to write a good essay can take part in the contest.

• All students regardless of public school, private or correspondence programs and even home schooled students are eligible to take part in the contest.

• Previous winners are not eligible for taking part as well as relatives of the staff members of the Institute.

• A contest coordinator is essential for students taking part. This is to ensure that proper communication is had of the participants and the Institute.
Rules of the Contest

Essays have to be written according to specific rules and regulations. Even your high school essays had to conform to special requirements. This essay contest is no different.

• Each essay should be under the word limit of 1500. If exceeded students will lose points.

• A bibliography has to be submitted along with the essay written.

• Participants should keep in mind that no personal information should be provided in the essay.

• Essays should be free of grammar and spelling and any other errors. Therefore, essay editing is a must.

More information on the rules of this contest can be obtained from the National Peace Essay Contest Guide Book. This should be done before entering the essay contest.

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