Writing an Informative Climate Change Essay

Writing an Informative Climate Change Essay
Writing an Informative Climate Change Essay
Climate Change Essays Can Bring a Critical Global Issue to Focus

If you paid attention to the news and what is happening in the world around us, you would realize that quite often there is always some form of disaster relating to weather patterns. There will be cyclones in India, Tsunamis in Indonesia, earthquakes in China or Typhoons in America which are becoming more and more frequent. Added to this, the glaciers in the North Pole have begun to melt, increasing the threat of rising sea levels. These phenomena can be attributed to certain change in the weather over a long period of time. When assigned to write on the changing of the weather patterns, there are many issues which can be tackled on a climate change essay.
Effects of Climate Change

Our lives are shaped according to weather patterns. For example, some countries harvest crops at certain times of the years. This has been the practice for many years. If harvesting paddy for rice in Vietnam is done in August this pattern has been the same for generations. However, if the weather pattern changes during August and it starts to rain before the paddy is harvested; such changed weather can destroy the crops and even cause famine. This affects the livelihoods of many people. Your essay can discuss such examples at great length to drive home the effects of climate changes.
Is Climate Change Due to Global Warming?

This question can be answered in the positive. Yes, global warming has much to do with the climate change. As a result of environmental pollution, the global warming has escalated, setting off a chain reaction of various climatic changes. Your climate change essay can discuss the issues of how warmer temperatures in the atmosphere affect rainfall patterns, cause drought, storms and acid rains etc. You can refer to the changes of weather in a country or overall patterns of weather changes globally.
Human Influence and Climate Change

Global warming is one cause for climate change. But what is the main element which causes global warming. Recent studies show that the causes of global warming are due to human activities. Therefore, when looked at it from another angle, the reason for climate change is because of humans. You can discuss the many ways in which we can reduce the effects of global warming which contribute to climate change.
Comparing the Climate Changes of a Country

Climate change essays can be written as a comparison essay as well. You may discuss your country or any other country that has shown great changes in weather patterns in the last few years. Such essays should be backed by proof and evidence and statistics and data of weather as rain fall and temperature. The comparison can be made between two countries, two regions or as a trend analysis of two time periods. http://essay-writing-service.co.uk/blog/page/13

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