Applying for a Scholarship Essay Contest

Applying for a Scholarship Essay Contest
Applying for a Scholarship Essay Contest
Scholarship Essay Contests You Apply for Should Fit Your Capabilities

How good would it be to enter an essay contest where the winners receive scholarships to further their education? This is an ideal opportunity for students who have excellent writing skills. Receiving a scholarship for college is the answer to many students’ prayers. This is a great advantage for students who lack the funds to go to college even though they have excellent grades. However, excellent GPAs and top marks for other tests do not mean you will be selected for the scholarship essay contest. These contests look for creativity and eloquence in writing in addition to the competence in writing grammatically and with proper sentence structure. Therefore, the contests you choose to apply for should be within your calibre.
Deciding on the Type of Contest

Firstly, you have to decide which essay contest you will be entering. Now this information is easily assessable through the internet. You can search for details of various essay contests which offer scholarships for winners. These scholarships can range from full to partial. The contest you enter should fit your requirements. For example, if you are student who is good with writing literature essays entering scholarship essay contests such as Ayn Rand Essay Contest Scholarships or the Nick Ivins Memorial Literature Scholarship from Arizona State University will be some of your options. Similarly, if you are a science major, the Biomedical Science Scholarship from Golden Key is a contest which you can enter. Those who excel in fine arts have options in these fields of studies as well.
Rules and Regulations

Although you may find essay contests which fit your requirements, there are other criteria which you need to be concerned with. These include eligibility, date of submission, word limits, formats etc. Usually all these criteria are available for students to go through online. You should therefore, take the time and read through this criterion before entering the contest. Essays are to be written on provided essay questions and you must understand all the requirements before you set about the task of writing. Keep in mind your essays are graded on content, originality, language prowess and presentation. Therefore, ensure that you write well, adhere to format, edit and proof read your work and obtain the feedback of few others before submitting your essay for the scholarship essay contest.

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